Current Message Series

Upcoming messages from Dan Garrett and others:

November 30…I’m Thankful–Now What?

Grateful living is always fleshed out in measurable actions and changed behavior.

December Series: The Man Who Changed the World

 Sunday, December 7…Jesus as Physician

One of the greatest aspects of the life of the man Jesus was his compassion and his healing powers. He still cares for us. And he still desires to bring hope and help to the areas of our life which need mending.

Sunday, December 14…Jesus was fully Human

We can forget that the Jesus who could heal and raise someone from the dead was also flesh and blood. He ate, he got tired, he cried and Jesus bled. There is something very energizing about understanding the vulnerability and humanness of the one we serve now as King.

Sunday, December 21….Jesus was fully God

Sometimes lost in the modern discussions of the historical Jesus is the fact that he was completely indwelt by God the Father. This has tremendous implications in terms of his authority and his credibility as a teacher, healer and savior.

Wednesday, December 24—Christmas Eve…Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

With all the decorations and Santas and Christmas craziness, Jesus can sometimes get pushed to the margins. What does the real Jesus look like and act like?

Join us for a 40 minute service of songs, scripture readings and lighting of the candles to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

Sunday, December 28…Jesus is our Only Hope

We can tend to get discouraged at the end of the year. Holiday let-down or looking at the bills. Or perhaps we ask: was this a good year? Am I a good person? It’s best to not spend too much time evaluating success and failure. Better to lean on the one who guarantees our worth and future.

Join us for worship: Authentic and singable music. Pastor Dan’s message of hope. Warm welcome. No dress code.



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