At Journey, no matter where you are in your faith, we always encourage you to take a Next Step. Here are some of the basics to get you started.

Weekend Worship

Plug In to God and others through our weekend service. We also have amazing Family Ministries for kids while you’re at your service.

First Step

Begin adventure of faith at Journey Christian Church by attending a Connecting Point Lunch. At this relaxed (and free) meal, you will meet the church staff, a few of the people involved at the church and connect with a few others checking out the church too. You will hear a very brief overview of the heart and vision of this church’s ministry in the community.


A series of classes, or sometimes held as a one-day event, to introduce you to the roots of the Christian faith, give an overview of Journey’s vision and values and to connect you with others who are discovering the Christian Church.

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Once a person has placed their faith in Christ, they are baptized. This is a meaningful time of being immersed in water to make the spiritual connection with the Holy Spirit and to bear witness to others of your new life. Baptism is a first step for adults who have decided to trust Christ, and for children or students who have completed the Kids Class.

At Journey, we understand the Bible to teach that baptism is by immersion—to go fully under the water (which represents the death and burial of Christ, as well as your own death to self), and that it is designed for children, teens and adults who have come to a realization of their separation from God through sin which leads to a repentant heart. It is because of the Bible’s emphasis on each person making a decision to follow Christ (Luke 9) that we do not practice infant baptism.


After going through the PLAN experience, you may be ready to take the next step of committing to the Covenant Community by officially joining the church. This indicates your intention to get fully involved in the life of the church family through participation in service projects, financially supporting the church and being willing to say “yes” to deeper involvement.

Journey Group

Once you have completed PLAN, you will want to check out one of the great Sunday morning groups. There are usually 4 or 5 choices as different men and women teacher/leaders plan a six week series built around a book of the Bible or a central teaching theme. The focus of Journey Groups is to develop friendships while also digging deeper into the word of God.

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Invite and Invest

And finally, we encourage others to pass on their faith to others. Two ways you can do this is to invite others, family, and friends to come to church with you and to support the ministries of Journey through giving. Journey receives no financial support from any religious or denominational body. We are solely supported by people who believe in the mission and ministry of Journey. You can give online, through the mail, or at any service.


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