Core Values

Many churches and organizations have long and complex Mission Statements, but Journey is guided by a simple objective: to know God and to make him known.

Our Vision is not to be the largest church but to be a healthy, growing group of Jesus followers serving our community. Our goal is to join God where he is already at work, building on the strengths he has given us. We are a group of imperfect people who are passionate about loving people extravagantly, teaching truth clearly and serving others energetically.

Our Mission and Vision are is lived out by embracing these principles which govern the decisions we make as a church.

Key Words

These are the principles and values which guide us…

Expectant~God specializes in doing dramatic, incredible and amazing things through his followers.

Intentional~Every person is called, challenged and encouraged to own their spiritual growth and to purposefully pursue a deeper relationship with God and with others.

Fun~The Christian life is to be lived with full assurance that God dwells within us and the fruit of the Spirit is joy.

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Team~The job description of every staff member and ministry leader is to develop teams and the expectation of every church member is to participate as team players.

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Fruitful~We operate with a bias for action, with the full expectation that our lives and our church should be productive.

Prayer~Our dependence is based on the power of God and not ourselves; we will stay in communication with him.

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Bold~We have been entrusted with the message and mystery of forgiveness, truth and eternal life; we preach this forthrightly and with grace.

Relevant~While maintaining the essence of the gospel, we desire to creatively connect with our culture and with the unconnected around us in ways they understand.

Stewards~To whom much is given, much is required. We pledge our time, our talent and our treasure to the mission.