LifeQuest is an ongoing series of classes, seminars, and learning experiences which assist you
in your spiritual formation. These may be offered on Wednesday evening, Sunday morning,
Saturday workshop or a in a retreat setting. You will have many opportunities to cultivate your
own spiritual development.

P.L.A.N. is a series of learning and discussing environments (typically 4 weeks) led by our
pastor and others. PLAN is especially designed with the newcomer in mind. You will walk
through an overview of the history of Christianity, understand how the modern church came to
be and hear about the unique aspects of Journey Church. You will see the vision and mission
of the church and find ways to connect. We will also learn about positioning our lives to know
God through the spiritual disciplines (such as: prayer, studying God’s Word, serving, journaling,
fasting, and celebration).

Prayer—a Brief Exploration is an overview of the Bible teachings on the important topic of
how to dialogue with God. You will see examples of people in the Bible who prayed, learn how
to pray scripture and receive guidance and practical tips on building your communication with
the Father.

Body by God is a multi-week series which surveys the physical and spiritual needs of the body
and provides practical tips on how to eat, exercise and live. Leader: Dr. Cedric Noel.

Healing and Wholeness is a series of classes focused on how to understand spiritual challenges
and discover inner healing for our soul (mind, will, and emotions). God’s heart is to bring us into
a place of full healing and freedom from past hurts, current struggles, and anything that hinders
us from experiencing the abundant life He promises.

Leadership is an overview of biblical leadership and how to steward the influence we have been
entrusted. Focus is placed on how each of us can develop as a leader, no matter where we are
involved. The topic of elders and ministers is covered also.