Our Story

The group of people known as Journey Christian Church has been experiencing a renewal of energy and passion— something like the old time revivals—where the enthusiasm is stronger, the worship is more inspired and the enthusiasm is obvious.

Located in beautiful Roswell, Georgia, Journey Christian Church has been impacting lives in the suburbs of North Atlanta for over 60 years with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Founded as First Christian Church by several families in 1950 who were committed to building a church that was warm and inviting and based on the fundamentals of the word of God, the church has been committed to making a difference in the community and region ever since.

Reflecting the heart of those early founders, the church’s personality has always included a mix of three things: a welcoming spirit, a commitment to preaching truth and a sense of authenticity. Many people through the years have made this church their spiritual “home.”

In 2010, the elders began thoughtful prayer and internal study and reflection to develop a vision for the future of their church. That process resulted in recruiting a new pastor who could further the process.

Dan Garrett is known for his biblical teaching in the context of a joyful spirit. He also brings a vast ministry experience from his years of youth ministry, speaking to audiences of all types, leading organizations and planting an urban church.

The church began studying what it meant to truly be a follower of Jesus. Small groups engaged in a study of the book, Radical, which was followed by a season of prayer and fasting. The church family responded to their prayer and study with a renewed determination to hold to the truths of the Bible and to welcome others who are seeking. A new mission and vision was formed with the emphasis on: knowing God and making him known. And a new name was chosen to reflect a new spirit and a new commitment to helping people navigate through life. At Journey, we invite everyone from all walks of life to join us–for a day or a lifetime.

Journey Christian Church

The Trip of a Lifetime

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